Step-by-step Guide

It's a simple process to begin your counselling or therapy with me:

( For general enquiries, please go to contact us on the main menu.)


  1. When you’ve decided to go ahead and book a session, please read the Online Counselling Agreement and make sure you’re comfortable with it, before you fill in the form below.

  2. When you fill in the form, tick your preferred method of working together. It would be really helpful if you can say a little bit about the problem, although it’s optional.

  3. When I’ve received the form, I will then email you, normally within 24hours, with available sessions. (It’s a good idea to check your junk mail folder at this stage.)

  4. You will email me back with your choice of session and time, and only then make your payment securely through PayPal.

  5. Once payment has been made, the session is booked to you and we can begin.

Please read the Online Counselling Agreementbefore filling in the form. You will be asked to confirm your acceptance.


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