Have you ever felt the need to talk confidentially with someone? Wondered who to turn to? Considered finding someone who is unconnected with your personal history?

Because it can be quite daunting to ‘open up’ to someone, I’ve found people often take advantage of my ‘taster’ Skype session for £10.00 first, before they commit further. You might also need to check the technical quality of your connection. Overall, it’s a bit like ringing up with a query…the response you receive over the ‘phone may help you to feel more comfortable about going ahead.

(At the same time, if I feel that online therapy with me at this time is not in your best interests, I will be open with you about it, tell you why, and what else you might try.)

From the outset, wherever you are in the world, I offer you a safe space where you can explore the areas you need. I’m non-judgemental and empathic; I’m hoping you’ll find me warm and easy to relate to, as we work together towards your outcome.

Contemporary psychotherapists work with the past, present and future that is held in our minds. In practice, what that means is that the focus is not just on the cause of a problem. Your needs and your short and long-term well-being are very important too.



A trained practitioner is sympathetic and sensitive to your whole biological system, not just what you say, and may use different methods in sessions, depending on your needs. In Skype sessions, I work with clients at a conversational level, paying attention to how you say things as well as the content of what you are saying. Even a head-and-shoulders view of the other person is helpful.

Sessions take place on a weekly or fortnightly basis, for 60 minutes, and are usually for individuals. I can also see couples by arrangement. Depending on the nature of the problem, these sessions can often be very short-term (two to ten sessions), or medium-term (ten to twenty sessions). Sometimes longer-term therapy is suggested, but only after a review of your needs.




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